Our Story

Nearly two decades ago, I dreamt up the idea for the Bag Lady. 

The hot lunches I packed for my husband were the envy of all his co-coworkers! They wanted exactly what he had. It was at that time I realized the need for wholesome,  homemade lunches for busy, hardworking people and I wanted to be the one to fill the void. I was still raising three kids and running a busy horse ranch, but I knew one day I’d live out that dream.

It was an odd dream.  There was nothing remotely similar.  I was ahead of my time, possibly for the first time ever! Those days you could only get pizza or Chinese food delivered. Having a lunch service was unheard of!

In 2018, I stumbled upon a location that could both be our new residence on the top floor, as well as a commercial space below. The perfect fit! So, we moved in and started the build.  Taking the space that was at one time convenience store and transforming it into a beautiful commercial kitchen. The perfect kitchen for me, "The Bag Lady".