Feed your Crew

High-Quality Customizable Lunches

Every week we'll provide an online selection of homemade sandwiches, soups, desserts and hot meals to choose from. Using high-quality and nutritious ingredients. All for the low price of $10 per meal.

No More Late Lunches

Lunches will be delivered straight to your employees. This means they'll no longer need to leave the premises to order food and run the risk of returning late.

Higher Performance

Lunches are guaranteed to arrive in time for first coffee break. This means your employees won't be working on an empty stomach. And with hearty and nutritious meals, they'll maintain energy throughout the day.

Subsidizing For Employees

Would you like to be able to provide this service for your entire staff? Talk to us about the cost effective options we have!

Contact us below to see how we can help your employees eat great and stay productive!